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Pet Policy

Pet Friendly Rooms at Chief Logan Lodge

Two rooms are designated as pet-friendly at Chief Logan Lodge.  A charge of $25.00 per pet for the first night rental is required and $10 per pet each additional  night  up to $75 per visit. There is a 15 lb. maximum weight limit on dogs or cats.  Other pets are not permitted.

A $200 excessive cleanup fee which will apply in the event damage is incurred. Pets must be restrained on a 10' leash or transported in a pet carrier.  Pets should not be left alone in the room unattended. A designated pet walking area has been established on the property. Sanitary products are provided at the pet station walking area, if you are not carrying a bag to collect animal waste, we assume that you are not cleaning up after your pet.  Please clean up after your pet.  All other pet policies apply.  Pets should be current on vaccines.


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